Trucrux Inc

CC Com

  • QCA7005-based charge control with Home Plug 1.0 Green PHY
  • Features NXP MCU for ISO/IEC 15118 software (AC)
  • Ready for Ethernet
  • Ready for Plug and Charge
  • Ready for Bidirectional Charging
  • CAN-Interface (Classic CAN and CAN-FD)
  • Compliance: IEC 61851, ISO 15118
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CC Com Module is intended to add full IEC 61851 and ISO 15118 functionality to any existing AC and DC charging stations or provide this functionality to pure DC charging stations as well as to existing Combined Charging Systems (CCS) to bring down system cost. The module contains a coupling transformer with a 1:1:1 winding ratio, zero-cross (ZC) analog and digital inputs, and a PWM control pilot generation circuit. CCcom module provides the necessary hardware to support ISO 15118 HomePlug GreenPHY power-line communication over the Control Pilot (CP) wire and Protective Earth (PE). The module includes NXP MCXN947VNLT MCU for executing the ISO/IEC 15118 / DIN 70121 software stack on it, using Ethernet and SPI or UART as Host Control interfaces as well as Control Pilot for PLC communication. In addition, the CC com module provides IEC 61851-1 / SAE J1772 PWM generation and detection functionality on the EVSE side. CC Com module is based on the Qualcomm QCA7005-AL33 HomePlug Green PHY automotive IC and together with its TCXO generator it makes possible operation temperatures up to +105°C.


Specification Details
MCU NXP MCXN947VNLT MCU with 1MB internal Flash
External Memory 4MB external NOR Flash Memory on board (3MB could be available for user applications)
x 10” TFT
Host Control Interfaces Ethernet / SPI / UART
Debug and GPIOs UART debug output and configurable GPIOs
Zero-Cross Detection Mains (208V / 240V) zero-cross (ZC) detection and digital input for ZC detection
PWM Generation and Detection IEC 61851-1 / SAE J1772
Power Supply Optimized low-noise AC/DC power supply for QCA7005
PLC Line Coupling and Overvoltage Protection Optimized PLC line coupling and overvoltage protection circuitry to provide maximum SNR
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +105°C
Power Supplies Separated dual, low ripple 3.3V
Firmware Options Green PHY Firmware options by boot-straps
Package Size 30 mm x 50 mm SMD package
Weight 10.2 ± 0.1 g
Security On board crypto authentication IC

IO Module